Dementia Friends Licensure

Dementia Friends sessions (in-person or virtual) are available in states and territories that have an organization that has acquired state licensure through Dementia Friendly America.

The organization serving as the state/territory administrator of the Dementia Friends program appoints a Master Champion. The Master Champion is responsible for self-training as a Dementia Friends Champion using the materials provided by Dementia Friends USA. The Master Champion develops an approach to train additional Dementia Friends Champions statewide. These Champions are then equipped to offer live Dementia Friends sessions.

Dementia Friends program process

Licensure through Dementia Friendly America is required to offer a Dementia Friends program. Only one Dementia Friends license can be issued per state. To acquire the sublicense, the organization will have to meet a number of requirements:

  • A one-time $1000 licensing fee
  • State-wide reach directly or through partnership and volunteers
  • Ability to train Dementia Friends Champions statewide
  • Commitment to tracking and reporting the number of Dementia Friends
  • Dementia Friends is a public service program and may not be used for marketing purposes of the agency that holds the sub-license, including its partners or Dementia Champions.

Dementia Friends sub-licensees adhere to the Dementia Friends curriculum and model, while developing an implementation plan that meets the unique needs of within their state and local communities. Dementia Friends materials may also not be placed in the public domain. Materials must be branded in accordance with the Dementia Friends style guide. Dementia Friends will learn about dementia, what it’s like to live with dementia, and actions they can take to support people living with dementia. Dementia Friends are awareness raising sessions. Dementia Friends does not use the term “trainings” to describe the sessions.

If your organization is within a state that has a Dementia Friends state lead, contact your state lead to discuss opportunities for potential partnership. Each Dementia Friends state program develops its own implementation strategy. If your organization is interested in learning more about acquiring a license and meets the initial criteria listed above, please complete a Dementia Friends Inquiry Form by clicking the button below.

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